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The number of new cases of prostate cancer has grown nearly five times - from just under 200 in 1983 to almost 1,000 in 2004. With the robot, you can do very precise dissections," Professor Enders Ng Kwok-wai said, "and suturing can be done in a more refined manner, enhancing accuracy and reducing surgical risks which can help preserve nerves and sexual functions."

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Customer Services

TACK provides a wide range of medical and healthcare products and services to local medical communities and hospitals.

Customers are directly distributed with the products, which are supported by a robust logistics system in a timely manner. One-on-one training service is also provided to customers for after-sale services.

TACK offers

1. Good network and relationships with local medical professionals and hospitals
2. Good understanding of the market and needs of local medical communities
3. Key opinion leader in the local market
4. 24-hour emergency delivery of products
5. Assistance at any time upon request
6. Training and prompt responses of after-sale services to customers
7. Clinical product evaluations and onsite product demonstrations
8. Participation on key medical exhibitions, workshops and conference
9. Updated market trends with good understanding of market research and surveys
Urology Symposium 2010 
Division of Urology, Department of Surgery, The Chinese University of Hong Kong